Just Another Kurncz Day

NGAWire® | 21Nov08
HGA.5 Guest Writer Kurt Goetzke

The other night, Kurncz and I were holding one of our long conversations about nothing… I was at my new house and he was just getting to his. He was yakking about the “stomage” and such, when all of a sudden, he let out an exclamation of surprise and maybe even a little terror… concerned for his well being, I asked what the Hell was going on… he said that something was flying around in crazy circles in his living room… it appeared to be a BAT… a very large and mean BAT… while talking to me (Andy is a great multi-tasker), he grabbed the nearest weapon (a dust pan or some sort) and began to flail… eventually, I heard, “OHHHHHHH!!! I think I got him!!!” Suddenly, though, the stunned, and now PISSED off beast, disappeared into the kitchen and could not be seen… Kurnczie began to search for him, but to no avail… Finally, he said there was one more place he could look… as he climbed up on the ladder to look on top of the cabinets, he cautiously said to me, “stay on the line with me buddy, and don’t be surprised if I scream like a little girl”… after a moment passed, then, “I FOUND HIM”!!! It was an unbelievable sight. No justice can serve the description (a rat crossed with a cat with wings)… the proof is in the picture.

Aftermath: Andy had to decide what to do… He carefully determined the little trickster was playing possum (“I am not sure if he still breathing”)… Does he put the thing out of its misery, or does he do the humanitarian thing? Of course, Andy did what all red-blooded American Men would do… he called his Father-in-Law for guidance… somehow, he got the BAT under a paint can, transported it outside and released it into the night… what a guy… I think he was having flashbacks of Carmel the Cat and wanted to redeem himself… although I don’t believe the wife and kids would have been sad if that Bat never saw another Belfry…