Going Thanksgiving Low At Maple Lane

NGAWire® | 28Nov08

Today I received a phone call from Kurt Goetzke. He and Steve Lawler had just finished playing golf at Maple Lane.

“One guy shot 75 and the other shot 67” stated Goetzke.

“Did he really?” I asked.

I heard Lawler laughing in the background.

The boys were off to celebrate with a couple of beers.

Nice round Kurt!

ADDED 29Nov08 7:42am – Blind squirrel nut thing…nice taking Steve’s money… although, I believe he is still slightly up on me for his career… got some work to do… it’s a start…

ADDED 29Nov08 9:39am – Thanks Coree… Just one of those days… 24 putts… 10 greens… It was only like 5,800 yards and we rolled it… BUT… you still have to get the stupid little white ball in the hole… it sure helped holing my 2nd shot on the 7th hole… really got things going… then I birdied 2 of the last 3… just couldn’t do any wrong… probably never happen again, but it’s still my lowest score in relation to par (4 under) and total score (67) ever… I had an 8 footer for par on the last hole to do it… really didn’t want to end on a bogey and I somehow coaxed it in… Garbage Time Goetzke strikes again…

ADDED 29Nov08 11:09am – And I’ll just call it “Garbage Time”… like when Kurnczie says “provisional” before ever tee ball and stripes ’em down the middle…

ADDED 29Nov08 12:21pm – I am back if it’s December or January and it’s “fun” golf…

ADDED 1Dec08 9:22am – I can add this: Steve’s arm was not in tip top shape… especially when he hit the driver… the pain at impact had him trying to tweak the swing all day long… but generally, he couldn’t get it worked out and a bunch of unLawler-like drives (to the right)… he got rolled, but he was handicapped to an extent… I am proud to say that, at least this one time though, it may not have mattered if he was 100%…