Montecristo Serie C – Belicoso


Montecristo Serie C – Belicoso
Reviewed: Dan McKay
When: February 10, 2009, 12:15 PM
Where: Orlando, FL, USA
Location: Walt Disney World – poolside at Port Orleans Riverside Resort

While on vacation in Walt Disney World one of my favorite stops is the Sosa Family Cigar shop in Downtown Disney. When you walk into this compact shop the pleasing aroma of fine tobaccos envelops you. They don’t have the largest humidor, but it’s filled with enough great selections to please most aficionados.

During a recent trip I visited Sosa’s to pick up a few good stogies to enjoy. One stood out amongst the rest and is the centerpiece for this review; it is the Montecristo Serie C Belicoso.

The setting for my review is poolside at one of Port Orleans Riverside’s quiet pools. The temperature was a beautiful 78 degrees with a wonderful warming sunny sky and a light breeze gently waving the palms trees around me.

Hard not to enjoy a fine cigar in this setting, I know, but I did my best to remain impartial.

I lit the cigar with a wooden match and was able to get a pretty even burn right away. The smoke was purely Montecristo, very creamy with a touch of sweet vanilla.

As I enjoyed this cigar, hints of spice stepped in as I reached the middle. The spice increased even more toward the end, but still remained predominantly sweet and never overpowering.

The cigar was impeccably crafted and the draw of this was great. I did have one issue with an uneven burn, but was able to get that corrected.

The cigar is mild to medium but should please even those with full bodied palettes.

With the only knock being the uneven burn, I really enjoyed this cigar and will definitely pick some up in the future.

Rating: Four Stogies