Fuente Opus X Perfexcion X 1992 Rare Estate Reserve


Fuente Opus X Perfexcion X 1992 Rare Estate Reserve
Reviewed: Dan McKay
When: March 6, 2009, 10:00 PM
Where: Myrtle Beach, SC, USA
Location: Sea Glass Tower, outside building near laundry room

From the first moment the OpusX touched my lips and tongue they began to tingle. It was then I was assured this would be a special and memorable treat.

After ignition, the first few puffs were very spicy but well rounded like most of all Fuente family cigars. The flavor then began to fully develop and was packed with great leathery tones and blended spices. Also noticed very early on was the “buzz” that many have referred to.

As I enjoyed this cigar it continued to evolve and much milder notes of cream and espresso were pleasantly received. The buzz remained a constant and actually increased a bit.

The burn was slow and was a bit uneven, not what I would have expected. After an hour, I still had nearly a third of this cigar remaining, but was completely satisfied.

This was a full flavored cigar, but very enjoyable. For the price it will have to be a special occasion cigar, but one that I very much look forward to trying again.

Rating: Four and half Stogies