2009 CJI Top Tens

NGAWire® | 12Mar09

Dan McKay
10. Boston’s Best Breakfast…. Beans with breakfast, what a concept.
9. Porn on the X5 entertainment system.
8. Getting dubbed the “Everything Bagel”…………….still pretty funny.
7. Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks… thanks NGA!
6. Seeing Lemmon’s face when the Bombay Sapphire shattered into a trillion pieces….. he almost made the kick save
5. The birth of the McKurncz and the new betting system .
4. Watching the NGA eat a half a bottle of habanero sauce and the tears and sweat that followed.
3. Margaritaville Nachos and then some and then some.
2. OPUS X……….the company, the taste, the smooth smoke, the buzz.

Steve Lawler
1. Bageling team Burrito on day two forcing them to concede.
2. Nagy from the elevator to the 14th racing Chappy from the 12th floor.
3. Pretzer and Goetzke walking over to sit down to eat at the winners table at Margaritaville and Nagy saying “The losers are over there”.
4. McKay on hole #10 of last round from 100 yards…addresses the ball, backs off, addresses again and then fats it about 5 yards and says “I should have backed off again.”
5. Kurncz on hole #17 of last round tees up two way right and declares “I am gonna hook this one” It goes even farther right over the houses.
6. Porn on the BMW dvd player.
7. Eating lunch the first day and watching three chicks back into a stop sign.
8. Eating breakfast on Saturday morning with some noisy toddlers near and Goetzke commented “I have an idea kid, how about shut the hell up!”
9. Playing the last 84 yard par three team challenge scramble with a putter off the tee to 20 feet and Pretzer wedge putted into the hole to make another insulting birdie for -8 to win by three.
10. Winning the McChurncz and the CGI all in one weekend.

Ron Clifton
10. having a bed not a pull out couch.
9. not getting crushed at cash hold em.
8. wild wing comp 18 plus goods.
7. sea glass value.
6. birdie on 9 prestwick skin.
5. near hole in one 6 prestwick made birdie putt cut Lemmon.
4. splitting hold em pot with coree wednesday hold em 60 40.
3. splitting hold em pot 40 60 sat with kurt.
2. me and pretzer beating coree and kurt 2 games to 1 in darts.
1. carrying team grimace at prestwick.

Andy Kurncz
10. Sticky Fingers, date night extravaganza.
9. Craftmatic adjustable bed.
8. 15 hour drive down, and back.
7. Lemmon saying “no mas” to Chappy.
6. NGA hot sauce incident.
5. NGA chasing Chappy to room. Stairs vs. Elevator. “You tricked me you bastard”….Nagy as laughing whilst face red as a beet.
4. Margaritaville Nachos, and Margaritaville Nachos, and Margaritaville Nachos.
3. Clifton teaching Pretzer the finer points of Match Play.
2. Birth of “Team Bagel”. Salt-Everything-Poppyseed-Sun Dried Tomato-Plain, and subsequent birth of McKurncz. Should be an annual event.
1. Opus X…What a buzz…Wow…Who would have thought the front lobby of a laundry room would be the “perfect” place to enjoy one of these babies. Thanks again ½ HGA.
Items that just missed the cut
* Clifton making me his bitch with 9-10, and A-2 in hold-em.
* Hitting 4th ball off tee at 17th Saturday. Lawler tells me to change my vector. I say, No, I can hit this shot, I know it. Give me another ball Dan.
* Clifton getting beat by 12 year old who took up the game 7 months ago.
* Wild Wing service…It should be a must play every year…may turn into the home of the McKurncz.
* Talking with a drunken Goetzke on phone when we arrived in MB….Buddy…BUDDY…YOU NEED TO TALK TO THE LOBBY LADY.

Chris Lemmon
10. Checking Yahoo! Mail in the morning to see what you guys did the night before.
9. Playing 5,700 yd courses.
8. Getting sick and almost barfing after Margaretville.
7. Running out of the elevator after Kurt says “watch out!” and almost hurls on Sunday morning.
6. Thinking I won the poker tourney when Pretzer was still playing. Oops.
5. Worst meal in a year at Pier 14. Although shots were great – thanks!
4. Overshooting the green and losing my ball at the par 3…beginning of the end.
3. Getting pencil whipped by Chappy every round.
2. Breaking bottles of Gin on the kitchen floor.
1. Finishing up in the dusk every day on the golf course – just like Tiger.

Kurt Goetzke
10. PIER 14 Dinner (last meal until Tuesday Night).
9. Waking up at 3:00AM not feeling too hot.
8. The first Ass Pissing session a bit later.
7. Not being able to play golf Sunday AM.
6. Asking the Front Desk if they had another room to stay in after check out and finding out they didn’t.
5. The next 10 Ass Pissing Sessions before check out.
4. Packing all my stuff and hauling it into a cab and going to Dayton House (and having to pay $53 additional).
3. Not being able to sleep because I had 20 more Ass Pissing sessions over the next few hours.
2. Ride to Airport with Fever and Chills.
1. Arriving home at Midnight and not being able to sleep all night and then having to get up and go to work the next morning and then right back on a plane to Vegas that night.

Karl Nagy
10. The cannon of an arm by the cart boy at Palmetto Greens.
9. Enjoying Boston’s Best Breakfast – damn, baked beans are really good for breakfast!
8. Clifton carrying our team during the front nine at Prestwick with birdies on 5 and 9.
7. Our gesture of good will during the final hole of the par 3.
6. TMC – What a great place!
5. The nachos gorge fest at Margaretville.
4. Watching Lemmon walk to the gas station for beer while his teammates struggled on during the par 3.
3. Naming of Team Bagel – Everything McKay, Plain Clifton, Salt Goetzke, Poppy Lemmon and Sun Dried Tomato Raden.
2. TMC – What a great place! Wait, didn’t I already say that?
1. Winning the 2009 CJI in a landside.