My Good Saturday

NGAWire® | 14Mar09
Dan McKay, staff writer

On Saturday Kim was out early that morning at a Mom-to-Mom sale, Dylan and I watched TGC to catch up on things. It was then that I decided it would be a good day to get the Memorial application in.

After Kim got back, I took a shower and was ready to go.

I made my way over Glenhurst to sign up for the Memorial. On the way there I stopped at Sams Club to pick up some new floor mats for the Outlook. While at Sams I stopped at the food court and bought a giant frozen Coke for $.88. It was great.

When I finally got to Glenhurst, I checked out the 18th green and it was surprisingly in pretty good shape. I then headed over to the clubhouse.

After a 10 minute wait behind two guys debating Top-Flite and Pinnacles, I could no longer hold my bladder and decided to make my way to the toilet. Then after quite an enjoyable urination session I washed up and headed back to the counter and then waited another ten minutes behind a lady and two other regulars who talked about the longest coldest winter we’ve ever had.

When I finally get my turn, I find out that the applications for the Memorial were sitting on the counter to the right of me. Oh the joy.

As I sit down to complete the app, I remember that I have a Montecristo in the car. What a perfect way to fill it out, I thought.

After lighting up the MC and looking at the app I had a question for Steve so I gave him a call. We spoke for a couple of minutes, laughed about something, and then I hung up and completed the app. I filled out the check and handed both in. I was then informed that we were team 4.

After enjoying the MC, taking some pics (of which I sent to the group), and enjoying the sites of springtime golf in Michigan I headed home.

When I got home, I had some leftover ribs and coleslaw from the night before and then took a little nap with Dylan on the couch. When I woke up I changed clothes and met up with some high schools friends for a night at the track, Northville Downs.

The track conditions were fast and so was the betting. After winning a solid return in the first race, we proceeded to hit a 7 race slump. But, during that time I quite enjoyed a few draft Bud Lights and the whole roasted peanuts for $2.50, quite a bargain.

In the 9th race we won a nice Trifecta bet. This success led us to bet the load for the next race. Unfortunately we missed out on the Superfecta by one horse.

Taking our losses in stride we left the track to partake in an old Madison high school tradition of Telways (if you’ve never been there, it is an absolute must). I ordered four with everything and was greeted with the same heavenly taste I’ve known since my youth. They all quickly made their way down my gullet, and I was headed home.

When I got home, I was greeted by the full fledged HOWL of the beagles (my ears are still ringing). I made my way into the family room and kicked back to watch some TV. There was some special about the Bermuda Triangle on and it locked me into its grasp.

My belly was then wondering if we had anything sweet in the house to sum up the day. Upon further inspection I found some Edy’s Girl Scout Samoas ice cream in the freezer. Two scoops later I was on the couch learning more about oceanic fog, dozing off and reflecting upon a good day.