A Night With Marist

NGAWire® | 22Mar09

Below is a recap of last night’s e-mail activity between Karl Nagy, Dan McKay and Andy Kurncz while watching the opening round NCAA Women’s basketball game between the Marist College Red Foxes and the University of Virginia Cavaliers. Sadly, our Marist lost 68-61.

KN 9:30pm: Actually, that was today.
DM 9:26pm: I can still she her throwing up bricks. It seems like it was just yesterday.
KN 9:11pm: I miss Marist. I miss Julianne.
KN 3:45am: Hello! Anyone?
KN 3:41am: Hi Dan! Are you up?
KN 12:47am: I love JV. Too bad this was her last game. Nice timing.
DM 12:43am: The guy sitting down definitely checked out her dumper as she ran off the court for the last time. Poor JV!
KN 12:40am: Julianne’s face says it all. Night night.


DM 12:36am: …Not! But Viani is still hot.
KN 12:35am: Maybe!
DM 12:32am: I believe!!!!!
DM 12:30am: And windmill cookies.
KN 12:30am: …and you are from a country known worldwide for hookers and pot.
KN 12:28am: Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
DM 12:26am: It helps when your Dad is a judge. Yes Marist is back!
KN 12:26am: I still don’t know how that guy got away with murder? They coked up poor Nat a bit too much.
DM 12:26am: Definitely no Marist.
KN 12:24am: Gonzaga is full of bull dikes.
KN 12:22am: Maybe they will go back? I hope.
DM 12:21am: Zaga has some dudes. Not cool.
KN 12:20am: Bullshit.
DM 12:20am: Is that the sister of the dude that killed Natalie Hollaway?
KN 12:20am: What the hell ESPN2. I want Marist!
DM 12:17am: No!! Game change.
DM 12:16am: At least the crowd has hung in there. Separate note, the Marist asst coach isn’t bad. Cougar action Ron.
KN 12:16am: I’m back. Lobo texted like a horse. I couldn’t understand her. Marist down by 15. Come on!!!
KN 12:14am: Rebecca Lobo on twitter… I’ll be back.
DM 12:12am: That hurt.
DM 12:11am: Still laughing.
KN 12:11am: Great Bud Light commercial.
KN 12:10am: Marist just put in ‘da brown one. Come on ladies!!!
DM 12:07am: Either.
KN 12:06am: 31 or 33??
KN 12:06am: Virginia is too tall. Not fair.
DM 12:03pm: I think no 31 can fill the void on the Lions d line.
DM 12:02am: Comeback trail.
KN 12:02am: Marist is in a heap of trouble.
DM 11:59pm: WTF, the Cal team doesn’t look like the VB team.
KN 11:56pm: Mr. Peanut loves Marist too!


DM 11:45pm: That’s it… if the game starts going south for Marist we may need to phone a bomb threat for that place.
At least it won’t take long to clear.
KN 11:42pm: I need to run to the shitter.
KN 11:41pm: Virginia is going after Julianne. Not cool.
AK 11:38pm: Will it be enough?
DM 11:38pm: I may have to go nudge the Mrs.
KN 11:38pm: Maybe an Opus X night too???
DM 11:34pm: I may pass out from hyperventilating.
KN 11:33pm: Plus Goetzke’s house and additional handicap strokes for Andy and Dan.
KN 11:31pm: #11 is cute too.


DM 11:26pm: Soccer and Marist Days… Can you say best TPC ever!
AK 11:25pm: We got bonus coverage. Can you believe it they are playing at Cox Arena? Someone has a great sense of humor in the Women’s NCAA committee.
KN 11:25pm: That would be great!
KN 11:24pm: Life is good. Marist leads 26-21 at half.
AK 11:24pm: Maybe we should have a Marist Day at TPC 2009?
KN 11:23pm: Hello little honey.


DM 11:21pm: The Marist band is so cool.
DM 11:20pm: Mmm Margaritaville Nachos.
AK 11:30pm: Man they have great fundamentals.
DM 11:15pm: The Shock better be watching.
KN 11:13pm: Nachos sound good right now.
KN 11:12pm: Don’t worry, they will reply this tomorrow on ESPN Classic.
DM 11:09pm: Hi Lennie!
KN 11:08pm: I am going to order a Marist t-shirt. Anyone else want one?
DM 11:07pm: If he had the Tour he would be eating leftovers and enjoying a NCAA women’s tourney classic.
KN 11:06pm: I wonder if he enjoyed his fish. He made a bad call with that order.
KN 11:05pm: Sorry Julianne, you are a hottie.


DM 10:59pm: I wonder if Ron took it to blackout on Italian beer?
KN 10:57pm: If I could do it over again, I’d go to Marist.
KN 10:56pm: Saturn loves Marist.
KN 10:55pm: Not bad. I wonder if the coach watches them shower.
KN: 10:53pm: Team Marist enjoying LA.


KN 10;53pm: My bad. Wrong first impression. Somewhat cute.
DM 10:50pm: Italian.
KN 10:50pm: Marist #3 just hit a three. She looks to be mixed.
KN 10:48pm: …or a parking lot under street lights?
KN 10:46pm : How come Marist doesn’t have a black player in the game? How do they expect to win? Does Al Sharpton know about this?
DM 10:45pm: Why not play that game at a high school.
KN 10:44pm: The chick cheerleaders don’t look that into it.
DM 10:42pm: Unsold tix.
KN 10:43pm: Of what??
KN 10:42pm: How come there are no fans at the game???
DM 10:40pm: Those stands are full.
KN 10:40pm: Go Marist!
DM 10:30pm: Great game. ESPN2.