Goetzke Makes An Ace (Almost)

NGAWire® | 28Mar09

Today Kurt Goetzke made an ace (almost). This was his first ace (almost). Hooray!!

Goetzke played at Greystone Golf Course with his pals Steve Lawler and Dan McKay, along with two others.

The magically shot (almost) occurred on the 12th hole (the third of the day). The hole played around 177 yards, the pin was in front.

The weather was a bit nippy, so Goetzke choose a 7-iron. He hit a majestic shot that started off at the left edge of the green and cut back toward the pin. It looked beautiful from the onset.

The ball landed on the front of the green and rolled straight toward the cup. Bingo! Goetzke finally made an ace (almost)!

Congrats pal! Welcome to the club (almost)!