Belinda Prominente Churchill


Belinda Prominente Churchill
Reviewed: Andy Kurncz
When: March 30, 2009, 2:40 PM
Where: (in and around) Fenton, MI, USA
Location: Driving north on US-23

Cost $2. Cigar of week at JR Cigars.

2:40 – Light wrapper. Nice construction. Smooth taste as I suck on end b4 lighting. Easy cut with teeth. Easy to light. Vert light smooth start.

2:58 – Still on original ash. Inch and a half long. Great burn. Very mild wing slight aftertaste I can’t identify.

3:20 – Still not half done. Taste beefs up slightly but still mild. Little nutty taste aftertaste gone. Small split on top and bottom. This disappoints me.

3:40 – 1 hour in still over 2 inches left. Taste is best yet. Wrapper starts to unwrap boo. Nice burn.

3:50 – Still going nice and nutty down here (no jokes please). This could be hour and half smoke.

4:20 – End of cigar. Smoked it all the way down. Good all the way. Nutty smoke. Mild to medium. Construction not great but overall an enjoyable smoke. At $2 it is an exceptional value.

Overall Rating: Three Stogies
Value Rating: Five Stogies