The Sicilian


The Sicilian
Reviewed: Dan McKay
Where: Blimpie Subs and Salads, Madison Heights, MI, USA
When: April 2, 2009, 12:45 PM
Misc: Temperature 62 degrees and sunny

Having forgotten to bring a lunch to work today, I decided to head out on this fine spring day in search of food. My stomach was not in the mood for the standard fast food fare, but the thought of a good sandwich wrap sounded good.

There are several sandwich shops close to the office. But thanks in part to Kurt reminding me of this location in an email earlier this week, I decided to see if the Blimpie Subs and Salads shop (which is very close) offers a wrap on their menu.

I have not been to a Blimpie location in probably 15 years. In fact the only time I have been to one, was the very location I was heading to. That said, I had an open mind and was hoping to simply satisfy my lunch hunger.

After arriving and walking through the door, I noticed a short line of people placing orders. This was not a problem for me since I didn’t have a clue of what was on the menu.

I scoured the menu board and quickly noticed that the do offer a wrap version of any of their standard sandwiches. Great, I thought. But, which sub should I get?

It soon became my turn to order, yet I was still without a decision. The pressure began to build. Just when I thought I would buckle I noticed a specials sign with Panini styled Ciabatta bread sandwiches. At the top of the list was The Sicilian… and it looked great. I had my order.

“I’ll have the Sicilian please.” I said happily.

That began the building process of slicing slow-cured ham, prosciuttini, pepperoni, and then adding provolone cheese on top. The half completed draft was then put into an oven to melt the cheese.

Within seconds I was then asked what types of toppings. One by one I agreed with the defaults. Roasted red peppers, check. Lettuce and tomato, check. Onion, check. Creamy Italian dressing check. It was now complete and the top placed on.

From there it was put into a Panini press and grilled for a short period of time.

During the grilling I made the decision to make a meal out of it. Diet Pepsi and a bag of Sun Chips Salsa were added to my tray.

With the grilling now complete, the sandwich was wrapped and I completed my order. Off to a table I went.

After unwrapping the sandwich, the aroma of the sandwich was very pleasant. The look of it brought back memories of the Big Boy Slim Jim, but better… though I know that is tough to believe.

From the first bite I was hooked. The blend of freshly grilled Ciabatta, meats and toppings melted into my mouth. It was a perfect mix of sweet and savory and I thoroughly enjoyed every bite. Whoever invented this sandwich is a genius.

The chips and pop only added to my thorough enjoyment of this meal. It was a pleasant surprise, and one very much appreciated.

I would highly recommend this sandwich and look forward to enjoying another one someday.

Adding to my happiness… after my great lunch I stopped by the cigar shop to inquiry how the new government taxes will affect my enjoyment if cigars. I was informed that the shop would be spitting in the face of our new President and covering the additional taxes for all purchases, for the near future anyway. I happily shook his hand and expressed my appreciation. Three Stogies appreciates this!

A great lunch with good news is definitely something to share.

Though not a cigar review, I will still use the Three Stogies rating system for your reference.

Rating: Four and a Half Stogies