Ashton Classic Corona


Ashton Classic Corona
Where: Maple Lane Golf Club – Sterling Heights, MI, USA
When: April 5, 2009, 10:00 AM
Misc: Enjoyed while in the clubhouse, outside temperature was 40 degrees and windy
Cost: $7.95

I woke up on this fine morning enjoying the comfort of my warm bed. The morning sun shined through the windows with the promise of a great day. Though, while lying there I could hear the wind whistling outside. It must be cold, I thought. Oh well, nothing is stopping me from playing golf. Or so I believed.

I quickly gathered myself, put some clothes on and grabbed my golf bag, off to the course I drove. When I arrived, there were just a few cars in the lot.

I jumped into my shoes and looked for a skull cap to keep the wind off my ears. I looked through every nook and cranny in the car and bag, nothing. This would not be a good start.

I paid the greens fees and headed to the first tee. A quick practice swing and I was ready to hit. The ball was teed and I took my stance. I pulled the club back and then through…. Tick… the ball sailed right and sliced even more. Needless to say I was a little stiff. I guess that it what 30 degrees and a 20 mph winds will do to a big fella.

Two off the first tee… I thought and quickly agreed with myself.

Swing number two went much better. I hit a tight draw up the right side of the fairway.

When I arrived at my ball, two things were very clear. There was a half pound of mud on my ball, it was in casual water, and I was going to roll the ball. With that thought in mind, I looked for my towel. Just like the skull cap, I spent a couple of minutes digging everywhere in my bag, and just like the cap, it was not there. I was not a happy man.

I had an old mock in the bag that became the worst ad hoc towel of all time. But in a storm, you find any port possible.

For the next thirteen holes I battled the cold, wind, water, mud, mud, and mud. On the fourteenth tee I again made a solid pass at my dirty ball. This time however, a popping noise came from my left wrist. This noise was quickly followed by a stinging pain. It was then that I thought, “what am I doing here?”.

With an important golf tournament a week away, I was not going to even try to play anymore. I grabbed the bag and headed for the clubhouse with a focus on one thing… enjoying some warmth and a nice cigar. Certainly that has to be better than anything I just went through.

The cigar of choice for this review is the Ashton Classic Corona, a very highly recommended handmade cigar with connections to the Fuente family. With that foundation, I was eager to begin to torch this cigar.

It’s easy to see the high quality craftsmanship that went into the making of this cigar. The Connecticut shade wrapper has a very smooth look, and feels tight and firm to the touch. This also made the cut easy and clean.

When I torched the tip the burn was pure and even. My first draw was noticeably tasteless and the smoke was very mild. As I moved down the first third of the cigar, it began to give back a touch of cream with hints of chestnut. The smoke was smooth, mild and never overpowering to the palette.

Toward the middle of the cigar I was hoping to get some expanded body, but the smoke remained consistent to the end.

The draw was always very easy with great smooth smoke. The burn was even throughout and required no attention to keep it that way, which is nice.

Overall the cigar fulfilled exactly what I’ve heard about it. It was a good mild (less filling) cigar and fit the bill for a late morning smoke. I would suggest this cigar would be a good accompaniment to a light breakfast… which it was. It also helped ease the less than perfect start my day was off too.

Rating: Three and a Half Stogies