Sanford Pro Touch II


Sanford Pro Touch II
Where: My Office & My Home, MI, USA
When: April 6, 2009, 2:45 PM
Misc: Mechanical Pencil with HB leads in both .3mm and .5mm
Cost: $10.00+

Every day that I write something down, it’s there, but I never give it the credit it deserves. It is my Sanford Pro Touch II mechanical pencil(s).

In 1993 a good friend of mine informed me that his girlfriend who worked for a local office supply company at the time was able to get any catalog item at cost. Since I was a fledgling young artist eager for any deal possible, I reviewed the catalog for gems. After about an hour I had a short list of items and passed that along to my friend for procurement.

A couple of weeks went by and then my order was finally in. When I opened the package, the first two items I pulled out for testing were a pair of Sanford Pro Touch II mechanical pencils. One was .3mm and one .5mm. I was immediately in love.

For years I had labored with the purchase and care for standard sketch pencils. The need for sharpening and so on was finally gone and replaced by a pencil that gave more than it took.

The Pro Touch II diamond cut no-slip grip provided a great feel to my fingers and thumb. They also have replaceable erasers and can easily adjust for other lead types. This combined with solid construction made it clear; I would enjoy this pencil for years to come.

I use my Pro Touch II’s for drawing and writing. They work equally as good in all applications, but I enjoy the .3mm when doing some fine sketch work.

In the roughly 16 years since my purchase I did make one change, I purchased a second .5mm pencil to keep it at the office. I did this out of fear that someone would steal my originals.

When something is this good, you do what you must to protect it.

Though not a cigar review, I will still use the Three Stogies rating system for your reference.

Rating: Five Stogies