Padron 1964 Anniversary (Imperial)


Padron 1964 Anniversary (Imperial)
Reviewed: Dan McKay
When: April 11, 2009, 4:00PM
Where: Glenhurst GC – Redford, MI, USA
Location: Shortly After The Memorial Golf Tournament
Cost: $15.95+

Each year the Glenhurst Golf Club hosts a 3-man (scramble) golf tournament titled The Memorial. This event typical coincides with the Masters golf tournament held in Augusta, Georgia and is typically the official kick off of the golf season.

It’s a great day to get together with friends, get the competitive juices flowing, and enjoy the best things about the game; of which a cigar fits in perfectly.

Weeks prior to the event I was trying to come up with a great cigar that Andy, my fellow Three Stogies mate, and I could enjoy after the round. While at a local cigar shop I spent about 15 minutes in the humidor looking around. Just when I was about to give up, I noticed the Padron 1964 Anniversary, of which I typically overlook just because of the price. Gladly, price blindness was lifted for that short moment and I selected two beauties. Now the hard part… I had to wait until the tournament.

Now that the day was here and the tournament was over (sorry to say that my team did not win), it was a perfect time to enjoy these fine stogies.

The look of this cigar is really nice. It welcomes old world charm with its shape and color. The smell of this stick prior to lighting is very pleasurable as well. It almost calls to you, begging to be enjoyed.

The cut was easy and revealed some great craftsmanship. The first taste was also very enjoyable. It provided a minor tingle to my lips, which immediately brought back memories of OpusX.

As I torched the foot and began to draw I was completely taken aback by how smooth it was right from the beginning. I have never had a cigar this smooth and creamy from the onset. It mirrored the first sips of a great latte but was packed with a broad range of wonderful flavors.

The draw was pure and the burn even. The smoke was pure white and plentiful, but never bitter or uninviting.

After smoking the first third of this great cigar, my focus was firmly set on what to expect next. Unfortunately for me, the friend I rode to the course with informed me that we had to leave. I was a little deflated but worked out some additional time to enjoy this stogie.

After I smoked just past the halfway point I had to go but wanted to keep something for later. I pulled out my guillotine cutter and was able to salvage about a quarter of the remaining cigar. Sadly the end still had some burn on it and I knew that any hopes of it keeping well would not be probable. (NOTE – I tried to smoke the rest of the Padron later than night. Unfortunately the tobacco had been tainted from the burn earlier and tasted like arse. I had to toss it. It was a sad moment.)

Even in being rushed through this cigar I still enjoyed the hell out of it. It was perfect in every sense of what I enjoy in a stogie. If you like a full bodied cigar that is silky smooth with a bounty of creamy goodness, then I would highly recommend this cigar. I only wish it was half its price. But, even at $15+ I will be enjoying this cigar again.

Three Stogies Andy shared many of my sentiments, but I’m still eager to see his final review. For me it’s easy. This stogie was perfect and I will be nominating it for the Three Stogies Hall of Fame.

Rating: Five Stogies