Golf Lesson Notes – Part One

NGAWire® | 21Apr09

Sandy (Eagle Zone Golf Pro Sandy Halkett) and I chit-chatted about why I was getting a lesson, past sports played and the good (hitting the driver) and bad (short game, consistency) about current golf game. I told her my main focus was to gain more consistent irons and wedges, my driver was not a huge concern, but that I’ve simply grown tired of having fun on the course. I hit a 7-iron as Sandy watched (maybe 20 shots). She said I was making a real good pass at the ball. I was!! Sandy said to get any real benefit from our time, she would need to video me. There wasn’t much she could really describe to me without showing me. She retrieved the video camera and taped me from the back and side. We reviewed the video together. From the back, I was taking the club back flat (a bit flatter than usual) and my posture was not great (not a surprise). She was less worried about the posture, more about the flatness. I did tell her I have been hooking my irons, something I rarely used to do. She wondered if the clubs were properly fit for me. I told they were right off the rack, no fitting required! She liked the swing from top of the backswing through impact to finish (a nice high finish at that). I did too. From the side the swing looked good, really good. Impact and finish were solid. We went back out and she placed a range bucket just off my right foot. This was to help reduce the flat backswing. It helped, I never hit the bucket and my ball flight was straighter (at least no draw). Based on what she’d seen, Sandy said the only reason I was an 8-9 handicapper must be my short game. Finally she asked to see my grip and noted that the end of the club was on the pad of my left hand, essentially make the club an inch longer. I told her that was always how I held it and gripping down the shaft made the club feel too short. I also mentioned that holding the club like this ruins golf gloves faster too. I hit a few more shots and the lesson was over. Back to making BMW’s, without any lunch in my belly.