Rocky Patel Decade 10th Anniversary (Torpedo)


Rocky Patel Decade 10th Anniversary (Torpedo)
Reviewed: Dan McKay
Where: Home, Warren, MI, USA
When: April 26, 2009, 7:00 PM
Misc: Temperature 80 degrees and sunny
Cost: $10+

I had spent most of the weekend dealing with springtime yard work. You know, the clean up and new plantings, and whatever… not fun. Fortunately for me the weather was incredible for stretches. By stretches I mean in between torrential downpours.

Luckily I was able to get most of what I needed to accomplish done, but not without the sweat, dirt, and back aches. Gardening is not for the out of shape people like me. I am much better suited for the role of enjoyer. Enjoyer of all good things, hmmm, I like that title.

As the enjoyer of all good things I was finally able to sit back in the early evening and pull out the Rocky Patel Decade Torpedo I picked up earlier in the week. It was just after another rain storm, but the clouds had cleared and the sun was dropping in the sky. It was still warm and the air was filled with that after rain scent.

As I pulled this cigar from the wrapper I was drawn to the nice aroma coming from it. The deep color and well constructed shape of this torpedo definitely was inviting.

It cut and lit very easily. The first few puff were packed with espresso flavors and mixed with subtle notes of spice on the finish, this remained through the first third. It’s easy to pick out the many blends that went into making this stogie.

The smoke was a little heavy, but most likely due to the heavy air. Also, the burn was a bit uneven at times, but did work itself out did not take away from enjoyment. The ash nearly reached two inches and was impressive.

During the middle portion of this cigar, it really became smooth and full of flavors. My attention was now fully directed at this cigar and it definitely repaid me for it.

After about an hour plus, I was fully satisfied and glad I made this cigar my choice for review.

The only knock I have against this stogie is that it wasn’t enjoyed on a warm Caribbean beach. Now that would have been perfect.

Rating: Four and a Half Stogies