Lance Iced Honey Bun

NGAWire® | 29Apr13

Three Stogies Review
Lance Iced Honey Bun
Reviewed: Karl Nagy
When: April 29, 2009, 1:00 PM
Where: Greenville, SC, USA
Location: Bonnie Brae GC (from hole 17 through 18)
Cost: $0.75

The demise of my Kilimanjaro left me empty as I drove to the 17th tee box. Was I really expected to finish my round without outside assistance?

As I reached into the golf cart for my glove, I noticed a surprise sitting in the passenger compartment of the cart. It was the Lance Iced Honey Bun I purchased at the turn (along with a hot dog and red Gatorade). I had found my savior!

I opened the package, warm from the day, and inhaled one half of it. It was damn yummy; the sun had done a perfect job. I took another bite.

17th hole – 8-iron from 158 yards to 5 feet, 2 putts for par.

I decided it was best to finish the honey bun before hitting my tee shot on 18. Gulp. It was done.

I placed the empty wrapper in the garbage can and wiped my hands in my golf towel.

18th hole – Driver to center of fairway, 2-iron from 260 down fairway, SW from 78 to 25 feet (on fringe), 2 putts for par.

That honey bun was awesome!