Montecristo Afrique Kilimanjaro

NGAWire® | 29Apr13

Three Stogies Review
Montecristo Afrique Kilimanjaro
Reviewed: Karl Nagy
When: April 29, 2009, 11:00 AM
Where: Greenville, SC, USA
Location: Bonnie Brae GC (from hole 11 through 16)
Cost: $4.99 ($39.95 for Montecristo H2000 8 pack)
Size: 7 x 46

Expectations were high as I began my round of golf. However, a few bonehead mistakes and a couple of back breaks turned a good ball striking nine into a 42 (+6). I was determined to turn things around on the back nine.

I hit a prefect drive on the 10th hole, leaving a mere 40 yards to the pin. I was confident I could hit a pitch close and have a good look at a birdie.

Splat! Spalt! Two fatted wedges, a chip and two putts secured me a double bogey. I needed to get into a happy place or the rest of the round would be a waste.

Thankfully there was a Montecristo Afrique Kilimanjaro hiding in my golf bag. Things were bound to get better.

The aroma of the cigar filled me with delight as I opened it. I nipped off the end with my teeth (into a perfect cap shape nonetheless) and lit the stogie. It took a little effort to light in the wind, but I did it.

The first puffs of the Kili provided me the harsh, ass taste I had expected. But that didn’t last for long.

11th hole – 4-iron to left center of fairway, PW from 138 yards to 12 feet, 2 putts for par.

12th hole – PW from 138 yards to 35 feet, 2 putts for par.

The taste of the Afrique finally started to earn its cost. Other reviewers claim to taste a hint of coffee, while I don’t necessarily agree, the taste was incredibly relaxing. I was enjoying it some much, I opted for the 80+ year old elderly couple behind me to play through me as I sat under a shade tree just off the 13th tee box.

13th hole – Driver to center of fairway, SW from 89 yards to 15 feet, 2 putts for par.

The taste of the Kili continued to keep me spellbound. I once again opted for a relaxing spot in the shade just to the side of the 13th green. This time I waved a father and his 3-year old son to play through, then a round bellied chap and his retired buddy.

14th hole – Driver to center of fairway, PW from 250 yards down fairway, SW from 97 (fatted) down fairway, SW from 35 yards to 10 feet, 1 putt for par.

As I entered the back nine of the cigar, the taste became less delicious and a bit harsher, but not as ruthless as the start. I continued to enjoy each puff.

15th hole – 4-iron hooked to left rough under hanging limbs, PW from 112 yards to 15 feet (on fringe), 2 putts for par.

Through five holes, the Kilimanjaro performed like a champion. Sadly, the pond just short of the 16th green would be his demise.

16th hole – Driver through fairway, SW from 77 yards to 35 feet, 2 putts for par.

Even though the Afrique and I were only acquaintances for a short period, it was a special time that I will never forget. I will certainly try to recapture the feeling with another Montecristo Afrique Kilimanjaro in the near future.