Golf Lesson Notes – Part Two

NGAWire® | 30Apr09

We decided Sandy was going to get a look at my short game. She had me hit a 40 yard shot and just watched. I selected my Callaway X 54⁰ wedge. She liked my setup and swing. The action from impact to finish was also good. It was a straight forward pitch and I hit it well. She then wanted me to hit to a tucked pin over a bunker. I stayed with the 54⁰ wedge. My distance control was not great, but nothing was patched or sculled. Sandy asked why I didn’t switch to my 58⁰ when hitting the shot over the bunker? I told her I haven’t practiced enough with it to want to hit it, actually I haven’t really practiced much of anything and my main issue was confidence. She seemed to agree. She then asked me to play a straight forward chip to a green. I smartly selected a 9-iron and skittered it close; she like my club selection. Her conclusion was I need to simply practice and gain confidence. She found no big problems. We did a few chipping/pitching drills from 10 to 25 yards in distance. My distance control was good. She then had me hit back to the tucked pin, this time with the 58⁰. She also wanted me to try and finish my swing with my hands a little higher than I had been finishing. I felt like Kurncz. Overall she said my pitching and chipping looked fine. Sandy mentioned that a pre-shot routine was very important in the short game, not just putting and with the driver and irons. I guess I was somewhat inconstant with one during the lesson. She accompanied that to laziness. I couldn’t argue. Next lesson we are going to review my putting stroke and video my full swing again. After Sandy left, I practiced with the 58⁰ a bit more and ended up late to my 1:00pm meeting.