Isla De Cuba Aged Maduro (Torpedo)


Isla De Cuba Aged Maduro (Torpedo)
Reviewed: Dan McKay
Where: Metro-Detroit, MI, USA
When: May 2, 2009, 8:45 PM
Misc.: 62 degrees, partly cloudy
Cost: $7.50

It was to be a truly old school Saturday. I was up at the crack of dawn for a quick shower and a final polish up of my golf clubs. I packed up the SUV, set the POI in the Garmin, and I was off to meet a 7:30 am tee time across town.

About 2 miles down the road I soon realized that I had forgotten my cigar of choice for the round, the Isla De Cuba Aged Maduro. It was comfortably resting on the kitchen table right where I placed it so as not to forget… crazy how that works.

It had been awhile since I’d played with some ole golf friends (great guys that are always cracking jokes), and I was very much looking forward to enjoying a laugh and perhaps reclaiming some of my old golf form. The course of choice for the day was Gateway golf club. Not a premier course, but it has it’s challenges and the greens are usually in good shape.

The round went about as expected; I’d played poorly over the first stretch of holes and then worked into a good grove and actually hit golf shots. Like an old glove, playing with these guys brings out some of the old me from my shredded golf game.

When the round was complete I was set for my lengthy ride home. Since, I was so focused on golf that day; I didn’t remember to eat anything that morning or at the course. By now my stomach was yelling at me for some sustenance. Though muffled, I can swear I heard it say Q d o b a. So Mexican it was.

After I made the selection of nachos, I quickly sped home to enjoy.

As a quick rating I would give the Three Queso Nachos with Chicken and Guacamole from Qdoba a solid four stogies.

Now with my belly full, I thought what a great time to enjoy that stogie I had forgotten from earlier. Though my plans quickly changed when my wife stated she was off to the grocery store and Dad (me) was caring for our son, which for us meant a bottle and a little nap together on our couch.

After the nap we spent a few hours hanging around the house and then I had to head out for some light yard work.

When I finished up, I thought about cleaning myself up and enjoying that stogie, but my wife suggested that we go out for dinner. Full belly and all, I agreed. With that Carraba’s was the destination.

The family was packed up and we went to dinner. The place was packed (as always). To my wife’s credit, she called ahead and the wait was only about 15 minutes. Good thinking.

When we finally were seated, it was decision time. What was I going to eat? I thought.

I scoured the menu looking for something that was light and soon found my choice. Tagliarini PICCHI PACCHIU was it. It’s fresh fine pasta in a sauce of crushed tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and basil with a choice of grilled chicken on top.

As a quick rating I would give the Tagliarini PICCHI PACCHIU a perfect five stogies. It is that good.

The meal was great, and we were all satisfied and still had plenty to take home.

On the drive home I was reflecting upon the day and pleased with all of the good things I enjoyed. Even with all of that I still had the stogie to finish it all off.

When we arrived home, I grabbed my cigar and headed out back. The evening was a little cool, but with no wind and clear skies, it was very enjoyable.

I pulled the Isla De Cuba from the wrapper and reviewed its construction. It was firm, but had a very natural feel to it.

I cut the end and toasted the foot. It lit fairly easily.

The first impressions were of a mild natural cigar with a hard to describe tanginess to it. The finish presented some hints of spice, but this gave nothing back from what I had expected from the aged Maduro.

The burn was even, but the draw was a little forced. The smoke was friendly and reminded me of the pipe my Grandpa used to smoke.

Though I expected some change in the presentation of this cigar, I was not given any, the “tangy” flavor remained throughout. I never noticed any creaminess or hints of cocoa or earthy flavors like most Maduro cigars. This very much disappointed me. After reaching halfway, I was done.

After such a great day, a poor stogie experience was a big downer. I had such high hopes only to be let down by a $7.50 stogie. In my book, it was not worth the money and definitely not worth yours… even at half the cost. For the money I would suggest an H. Uppmann Reserve Maduro.

Rating: Two Stogies

Addendum to my Isla De Cuba review

Unfortunately for me, the poor stogie experience wasn’t the only downer for an otherwise great day. You see, upon returning home from dinner I had left the car unlocked. Luckily, I did remember to lock it up after completing the review and heading to bed.

The following morning, my wife needed to run up to a local convenience store for some items. When she returned, she asked me why I had left the glove compartment door open.

“I didn’t leave it open”, I replied.

A flood of thoughts came over me, first of which was the fact that my golf clubs were in the car.

I quickly ran out to the car and opened the back door. My golf clubs were all there.

I then walked around and opened the driver’s door. When opened, I noticed the center console was open. When I took a peek inside I noticed one item missing, the Garmin GPS.


Though lucky my golf clubs and every other item, including the Garmin power cord and holder (moron thief), remained in the car, being a victim really pisses me off.

The day that had such high promise and flew so smoothly, crashed in flames upon landing. A bad Stogie and a Garmin theft all occurring around the same time has really left a bad aftertaste.

As a side rating, I would give the thief a 2 stogies for the crime. They would have received more, but being too stupid to take the power cord and holder severely brought down their rating.