Golf Lesson Notes – Part Three

NGAWire® | 5May09

For our final lesson Sandy wanted to take a look at my putting stroke. The putting green was in horrible shape, it was just aerated and sanded. Goetzke would have had a conniption. She taped me from the back and side. Sandy stated the optimum stroke should open 6⁰ backwards and close 6⁰ after impact. My stroke was 9⁰ and 15⁰. Not the biggest deal since my stoke felt crappy today anyhow. However she did say my legs/knees were swaying during my stroke. What!! The video confirmed this true. Strange, not something I usually do. Sandy then taped me hitting my 7-iron and driver (the video she made of me from our first lesson was deleted by her fellow JACK! golf pro). I made good passes with both clubs. I finished my time by hitting wedge shots in the short game area. I enjoyed it so much I signed up for a year range membership at Eagle Zone. Sandy burned me a DVD of my swings, I thanked her for the time and I was off.