Maria Guerrero


Maria Guerrero
Reviewed: Andy Kurncz
When: May 5, 2009
Where: Inside the Kurncziemobile
Location: Southeastern MI, USA

Cost part of sampler. Approx $4

Never heard of this brand before. It came in a Honduran sampler pack. I didn’t feel I deserved a treat so I picked the stogie I thought would not be the “cream” of this crop.

No pun intended here, but I was in for a surprise.

I can only assume Maria blends her stogies like she likes her men; long, fat, and creamy. Creamy, creamy and creamy are the 3 words I would use to describe this smoke.

It was like smoking a vanilla cone from Dairy Queen, pleasant from start to finish. Never harsh. This is a perfect stogie for the mild cigar lover.

I give this the Goetzke seal of approval. Maria Guerrero, you had me at hello!

Overall Rating: Four Stogies