Drew Estate Java Maduro


Drew Estate Java Maduro
Reviewed: Dan McKay
Where: Home, Warren, MI, USA
When: May 7, 2009, 7:55 PM
Misc: 60 degrees, partly cloudy
Cost: $6.50

As I write this review it’s about 12:30 in the morning and between periods of the Wings vs Ducks playoff series (Game 4). The Wings are happily up 4-2.

The reason for this review is that I keep nodding off and was just thinking that I needed some Java to keep me up. Yes, I want to see the third period.

Ironically enough earlier in the evening I did partake of some java, the Drew Estate stogie kind.

Finding out that my wait on the season tickets list for Michigan football had come to an end, I wanted to celebrate. Why not a good cigar I thought. So I ended up deciding on the Java.

From the moment it was freed from the wrapper on placed on my lips, I knew what I was in for. It was so sweet, and in a very unnatural way.

Not being a sissy, I pressed on and lit it. The first draw provided more sweetness and not much taste. It was like a cup of coffee filled half full of sugar, very unpleasant.

Samuelson just scored… Yippee. It’s now 5-2.

Anyway, I made it about a halfway through this stogie and just gave up. Not what I wanted, nor what I hoped for. In fact, I’m a little miffed at the $6.50 price tag and the fact that I paid it.

Niedermayer just scored a PP goal to cut it to 5-3. That guy is a douche.

Rating: One and a Half Stogies