Montecristo Afrique Xanadu


Montecristo Afrique Xanadu
Reviewed: Karl Nagy
When: July 2, 2009, 8:00 PM
Where: Simpsonville, SC, USA
Location: Walking around neighborhood

I looked out the window and realized it was a beautiful evening for a walk. I told the wife that she and Evan should continue to pack for tomorrow’s visit to Great Wolf Lodge and that I would take Owen out for a breath of air. I quickly grabbed a Montecristo Afrique Xanadu, threw Owen into his stroller and headed out the door before the wife realized what had happened.

The Xanadu was in perfect shape and smelled awesome. The tip tasted so damn good I walked for 5 minutes with the unlit stogie in my mouth, savoring the flavorful tobacco leaves over and over.

When it was finally time to light, the Xanadu took to the flame like a baby to milk. It burned flawlessly.

As I began to smoke it, something seemed amiss. Both the taste and aroma of this cigar were not very enjoyable. I am not a chief authority of things tasting like ass, but that is what this tasted like.

No matter, I continued to smoke to cigar in hopes of a resurrection. It never came.

How could my favorite Montecristo brand be such a disappointment? I was crushed.

I chucked the remainder of the Xanadu into the neighborhood wildlife habitat. I am sure the frogs and turtles were pissed too.

This cigar was an absolute fubar.

Though not the worst thing I’ve ever smoked, the cigar did not live up to its name and did not win me over.

Rating: Two Stogies

Addendum 15Aug09 – Today I gave the Xanadu another try. Sadly, my review was nearly identical to my original one.