Rebuttal By Holly

NGAWire® | 2Jul09

Under heavy criticism from many for her ill timed phone call to husband Steve, Holly Lawler issued the following response.

“I do apologize that I messed up a chance for Steve to shoot a 68. But I do think that one really important detail was left out of all of this. Yes I did call. Yes he did hit it in the drink. But, while he was on the golf course, our kids and I were out for my birthday dinner. So can I just say that yes, he fully missed my birthday, but I think he was just a little mad at himself that he made a wrong decision, therefore hit it right into the drink. So here is some word of advice… DO NOT MISS YOUR WIFE’S BIRTHDAY!!”

Lawler then added: “Have a safe and happy 4th of July. And remember one other thing… watch out TPC, Steve is on fire!!”