Magna Casa Colorado – Robusto


Magna Casa Colorado – Robusto
Reviewed: Dan McKay
Where: Home – Warren, MI, USA
When: July 5, 2009, 11:00 AM
Misc: 78 degrees, sunny
Cost: $6.50+

With a long Fourth of July day just past, nothing could have been more welcomed than just a relaxing do nothing day around the house. The weather was simply the best.

Late morning I decided to take advantage of the glorious sunshine and relax outdoors. Of course I needed a good cigar to take along. Since I was still basking in the glory of the Montecristo Petit Edmundo a few days earlier, I knew that I should get something full flavored. The choice was the Magna Casa Colorado Robusto (2008 Cigar of the Year – Aficionado Magazine). I was very hopeful.

The Magna Casa Colorado is a really beautiful cigar. The color is a deep reddish brown which is why I heard they named it Colorado.

The construction of this cigar was impeccable. Firm and well rounded, it’s clear that stogie was built with care.

The smell of this cigar is exactly what I expect when I unwrap a good cigar.

It cut very cleanly and when place in my mouth provided a little tingle on my lips and tongue. The spice was easily detected and provided a good sign of things to come.

The tobaccos lit very easily with my torch and a bounty of smoke surrounded me. It definitely began as a full bodied and beefy cigar.

The first third of this cigar was quite strong, but not to the point where I felt overpowered. I was very much enjoying this journey.

During the middle portion, it was close to perfect with deep riches of spice and coffee. I was fully hooked.

Unfortunately I was not able to get my fill off this cigar because my wife beckoned me to help her out with something. But I happily smoked about 80 of the Robusto. I just wanted more.

Without question this is a cigar I will smoke again and recommend for anyone who likes full flavored cigars. In fact, I just picked up a few more for the humidor.

Rating: Four and a Half Stogies