Carlos Torano – Casa Torana Torpedo


Carlos Torano – Casa Torana Torpedo
Where: Home, Warren, MI, USA
When: July 12, 2009, 2:00 pm
Misc: 80 degrees, sunny
Cost: $7.50+

This Review Shall Be Known as “The Smoke before the Flood”.

The weather this summer has simply been incredible thus far. With the day shaping up to be great, I decided to get a little yard work done late in the morning and simply hang out the rest of the day.

My mission was accomplished around noon and I took a quick shower to clean up.

Since it was lunch time, I eyed up some homemade meatballs my wife had made for dinner the previous night. With great pasta from Italy and a solid meat sauce the overnight heart burn was like wearing a badge of honor and wasn’t going to stop me from a repeat performance.

I enjoyed my fill and was in full relaxation mode.

What to do I thought? My mind quickly recalled the great stogies I had just picked up.

I then made my selection; The Carlos Torano – Casa Torano Torpedo.

The Smoke

This is a very pleasing looking cigar. The wrapper is a nice light shade and it provides a nice pre light scent.

When I cut the tip I noticed some think stems in the filler that were much larger than anything I’d seen before.

The cigar quickly lit and the smoke was abundant.

Very nutty flavors were light on the palate. More of a mild cigar, it was as I expected.

I really appreciated the draw of this cigar. I was able to get the perfect amount of smoke.

Overall I would call this not bad. Though the $7.50 price tag, is a little steep. If you like mild cigars you should might add this into the mix. Though, I could see some not liking it as well.

The Flood

After enjoying this good stogie time, I needed to run down to the laundry room and take care of some clothes. Upon arriving at the door I was quickly brought back to reality when I discovered that my well-out-of-date water heater was finally done and water was covering the floor…

…So much for a relaxing day.

Rating: Three Stogies