Hostess Orange Cupcakes


Hostess Orange Cupcakes
Reviewed: Dan McKay
Where: 7-Eleven (13 Mile Rd) – Warren, MI, USA
When: July 14, 2009, 7:25 AM
Misc: 58 degrees, sunny
Cost: $1.29+

After battling the world of water heater replacement yesterday, I was a little tired this morning. On the way into the office I decided to stop off at the 7-Eleven for some liquid caffeine.

Upon entering the store I noticed a Hostess stand of assorted sugary goodness and one item in particular was standing out; the Orange Cupcakes.

My mind Googled back but could not recall how long it had been since I’d had a Hostess Orange Cupcake. But I remember they’re wonderful.

The golden orange hue of the orange cupcakes container is unmistakable, and the yellow frosted tops with their easily recognizable Hostess white swirl invite you to take a big bite.

I was hooked and there was no way that I was going to be able to leave that store without them. My hand reached out and grabbed a package. Then soon enough I was at the counter and completing my purchase.

Back in the car and then on the road, it didn’t take long to peel open that package. I did the package flip so that the cupcake easily extracted itself and fell into my hand.

The size was quite impressive. They’re still very large… actually much larger than I can recall.

It was time for a bite, and I was not going to be short changed. My mouth wrapped around nearly a third of that cupcake, and then it happened. I was immediately taken back to my childhood… The days of Town Club or Faygo Red Pop, Boo Berry cereal, glass bottles, playing baseball, and jumping tires with my banana seated Huffy in an Evel Knievel t-shirt.

The memories flashed vividly as I savored that slight orange taste mixed with cake and cream and frosting. It was quite remarkable and absolutely enjoyable.

The cupcakes only survived about 2 miles, but the goodness they provided will last a lifetime.

Thank you Hostess, for keeping things the same after all these years.

Though not a stogie review the rating system will be used for this review.

Rating: Five Stogies