TPC Training

NGAWire® | 22Aug09
Staff Reporter, Dan McKay

So I awoke at 6:15 sharp and headed down the road to Maple to begin my TPC warm-ups.

When I arrived there were two guys on the first tee of the West course. Not good news for me. But I quickly packed up went in and lay down my cash.

In a couple of minutes I was headed to the tee. As luck would have it the same two guys were still there. I say luck because they asked if I wanted to play thru. Awesome break!

With my shoes still untied I hobbled to the tee. I wacked a tight draw down the middle. It is the longest drive I’ve hit on that hole; I only had 55 yards in.

I then hit my new Vokey to 15 and just missed the birdie… Great start.

On the second hole, the tees were all the way left so I pulled out rescue. I swung and barely buzzed it 50 yards… Right down the middle. Not as much fun I thought.

I hit the ball horribly on the front and was 5 over going to the 9th tee. It was then that I thought about the great tee shot I’d hit there a few weeks back and nearly made Eagle. This time I hit a good drive just up the right fringe of the green. From there I made a horrible chip, but made the putt. Turned the front in 39.

I thought if I played this way at TPC… My score would probably be around 44. I needed to bear down on the back.

On 10 I hit a drive nowhere and made a good par. On 11 I hit a pop fly flare and made bogey.

On 12 I hit a great drive down the right. Hit a little pull second but still on the green some 35 from the hole. I got over the putt and thought lag. I did just that and came up 15 short. I was pissed and so the next putt was firm, too firm. I now had 5 coming back. Guess what happened? Yep, I did. Four putt. TPC is getting closer!

When I got to the next tee, I demanded I make up for that shit I just did.

I hit a great tee shot and hit a beautiful wedge to 7 ft. Drano!

I was happy to bounce back and that was a good lesson for my TPC warm-up.

I had to wait for a little down pour to pass on the next hole, but I played decent tee to green coming in.

My first of 10 warm-up rounds was in the books. Though I didn’t play well at all, I was happy with 79.

The itch is now in full force.