My Day At Firestone South Course

NGAWire® | 10Sep09
Staff Reporter, Kurt Goetzke

Tuesday, September 8, 2009:
Left work for Akron, OH at about 3:00PM…had to make a stop in Berkley to pick up a different pair of dress shoes…The old fav Doc Martens finally took a crap…My boss and I went together in my Commander…we settled in for the long drive with a trip through the BK Drive Thru (Chicken Sandwich with Cheese)…I needed a snack before the Dinner we were going to have later…Drive was pretty uneventful…took about 3 hours and 30 minutes (205 miles)…We pulled into the Parking Lot of the famed Firestone Golf and Country Club at about 6:30PM and went straight to the 55th HOLE (the Club Bar) where we were entertained by FUZZY (the bartender) with stories of glory and BS about the likes of Nick Price and Greg Norman and Rocco Mediate…The Sambuca and Crown Royal Reserve were flowing and Dinner was forgotten about until about 9:00PM…we then finally adjourned to the Dining Area for Steaks, Crab Legs, Soups, Salads, Deserts, Wine, etc…after our bellies were sufficiently stuffed, we went across to the Villas to check in and dig into our Case of Miller Lites…on the Balcony, you could see the Pond surrounding the famed 16th Green…at about Midnight, we hit the sack anticipating the day ahead…

Wednesday, September 9, 2009:
Woke up at 9:00AM to prepare for the day ahead…Was already giddy with anticipation of the 1:55PM tee time on the South Course, but, first things first…BUSINESS…We arrived for our meeting at GOJO at about 10:00AM…got a quick tour and then into the presentation with the Vice President of Product development…After that excitement ended, it was back to the course for Lunch and then up to the Locker Room to prepare…I put on my Shorts and went down to the Pro Shop to look for a “complimentary shirt”…I found a beauty and then headed to the hallowed grounds………….and was stopped by the fashion police…It appears that my nice Docker Shorts were not allowed, since the pockets were “on the outside” (i.e. Cargo Shorts)…I was told I could purchase a pair for 50% off and the host said he would pay, but I declined out of spite and went and slipped on my Wool Long Pants…I then sweated my way through a nice long session on the range (hit the ball very solid), and then the putting green and practice bunker…I was READY TO GO!!! I approached the first tee with great excitement and confidence…I felt GOOD!!! I pegged my 3 iron and smashed it up the left side, just into the left rough about 130 from the pin…and then began the theme for the day…don’t miss shots on the wrong sides of the fairways or hole locations…I drew a decent lie, but a tree loomed about 50 yards ahead…I decided that I could easily hit over it, so why bother trying to hook the shot and maybe miss right…big mistake…hit the ball a hair thin and hit the top of the tree and dropped down left in more trouble…I had to thread the next shot left of a big tree but right enough to not hit in the greenside bunker…I failed miserably, clanking if off the big tree, 30 yards back into the fairway, 80 yards from the hole still…from there, I hit a nice spinning SW that came back too far and left me about 30 feet for BOGEY…not a great start…it got even worse after leaving the first putt 6 feet short and missing the next for a smooth TRIPLE…I was crushed…all the anticipation and a TRIPLE…the wind was so far out of my sales, I wanted to puke…but, I did my best to put it out of my mind and I stepped up to the reachable Par 5 2nd with renewed vigor (until I shoved my drive in the bunker, skanked it out to 175, dubbed my 3rd and then missed an 8 footer for Par)…7, 6 start…NICE…The weather got a little nicer the next 4 holes, as I went 1 under, but it was false hope…was not hitting the ball well at all and the greens had me baffled…I would short side myself in a bunker and barely even be able to get it on the green…it lead to 3 more doubles in the next 4-5 holes…I played OK until the famed 16th, where I tried to hook it around the dogleg and down the hill (it was playing about 600 for us)…I pulled it and it hit the cart path and went into some place nobody ever hits it…I had to hit over a telephone pole and wires and then a huge set of trees…somehow, my Rescue flew true and I got it to 150, where I then proceeded to flush a 9 Iron to 20 feet (and then promptly 3 jerk)…I made a great up and down on 17 and then bombed my drive to 150 on 18, where another 9 Iron flew true to 15 feet (and another 3 Putt)…I slumped shoulder walked off the Green, and said my goodbyes and thank yous and then settled in for a nice 3 and a half hour ride home (in my driveway at 10:30PM)…See ya Firestone…you were definitely a fine trek…Nothing really too exciting, just a good, solid golf course with a lot of history over the hallowed grounds…I wish I would have played better, because you can definitely score there if you are on your game…

After Note:
The 3 Putt on 18 lead to my boss beating me for the 2nd time in his life (83-84)…He made a great SS on 18 and also birdied 16 (all with a Bad Back and beer and painkillers coursing through his body)…he manned up…I was a sorry excuse for a golfer…