TPC Champion’s Dinner To Undergo Change

NGAWire® | 9Oct09

Today the NGA has announced a change to the criteria needed for an invitation to the fabled TPC Champion’s Dinner.

In the past, all TPC champions received an invite to this exclusive dinner. Although this worked well in the past, there are just too many champions to make this viable.

One unnamed two-time winner from Berkley stated “For cripes sake, Kurncz won the damn TPC this year. Next year McKay or Kruckeberg could win. The past champions list is really turning into a list of crap.”

Another past champion stated “It is easy to fluke into one victory, but winning three times is a damn great accomplishment.”

In order to keep this tradition active, the NGA has modified the name of the dinner to Multiple TPC Champion’s Dinner. In order to obtain an invitation, a player must have won at least two TPC’s.

This change is effective beginning with the 2010 TPC.