Giant System Hamburgers


Giant System Hamburgers
Reviewed: Neil Dishman
Location: Taylor, MI, USA (Van Born and Monroe)
When: October 23, 2009
Misc: 49 degrees, steady rain
Cost: $0.95 tax included

As this is my first review, let me first establish some truths that will become the basis of all future reviews:

1. I am by no means a food critic (though one look at me would confirm that I do enjoy food).
2. My palette is less than sophisticated, but still discerning.
3. I am a homer- skewed by years of what I consider one of man’s greatest inventions (see Telway review coming soon).
4. All ratings will be based on the food, the staff, and the passion of their regular clientele.

The review begins:
An early morning meeting in the pouring rain set the stage for my first slider burger review. While visiting a customer, a wrong turn out of the parking lot led me to the corner of Van Buren Road and Monroe Blvd., in Taylor, MI. The building immediately caught my eye. It was a slightly larger version of my hometown hero, the Telway. The building color, structure and signage were identical, the difference being from the take-out area of The Giant System Hamburger, you can access the main counter and diner area.

I sprinted from my car, and arrived, slightly soaked, but thrilled to begin my journey. The grill master quickly took my order, as I explained to her what I was doing in the pouring rain, ordering a single hamburger at 10:20 in the morning. She seemed eager and up to the challenge.
The regulars caught wind of my mission, some chimed in, and the rest ignored me. Maybe the rain had dampened their spirits. I waited for somebody to speak up and tell me what I was about to experience would lead me back time and time again, or how the magic little burger that was about to cross my lips had changed their life…but it did not happen.

The burger arrived, prepared exactly the way you’d expect. Within a minute, a small grease stain had formed on the bag (a good sign). The bun was fresh, slightly larger than the patty. The patty was a little overcooked for my liking, but the ample grilled onions smothering the patty did an excellent job of masking the one minor imperfection. The Giant System uses an all mustard sauce (some will mix mustard with ketchup), which was tasty, but different. The pickles used were excellent. They had just the right snap to them, and the flavor set off the burger just right.

Next time you’re in the area, check them out. My standards are high, the Giant System’s staff was excellent, the food was better than expected (try a little ketchup in your sauce to raise your score), but the passion of their clients lowered their score a half point.

Though not a stogie review the rating system will be used for this review.

Rating: Three and a Half Stogies