Rocky Patel – 1961 Toro


Rocky Patel – 1961 Toro
Reviewed: Dan McKay
When: January 16, 2010, 12:00 PM
Where: Smokers Outlet of Warren III, 12 Mile & Mound, Warren, MI, USA
Misc: 70 degrees inside the shop lounge
Cost: $8.50+

It has been some time since my last review. In that time I my attention has been placed elsewhere, dealing with other projects and tasks. Needless to say, I have missed the review process.

On Saturday I found myself with a couple of hours of free time. I recalled that one of the local Smoke shops had a cigar lounge; I then grabbed my keys and headed off.

When I arrived, the place was fairly busy. I made my way to the walk in humidor and was greeted with the wonderful aroma of fine cigars. For about 10 minutes my eyes looked up, down, back and forth across the many varieties. My hand grabbing a few choice selections and I exited to see the cashier.

The gentlemen behind the counter asked me if I needed any of my selections cut. I replied absolutely, “please cut the Rocky Patel 1961”, as I was eager to give it a try.

When my transaction was completed, I made my way over to the lounge area that has 4 leather club chairs and a couple of bar height tables and leather appointed bar stools. Each of the tables has a large ash tray in the center. Also featured is an LCD on the wall, a nice touch.

I relaxed into one of the nice bar stools and unpackaged the 1961. The pre lit scent of this cigar was very appealing with subtle hints of citrus amid the broad range of leather and coffee.

I stuck a couple of wood matches and toasted the foot. Quickly the smoke began to surround me.

At first the taste was very powerful. A strong pepper and spice flavor was nearly overpowering. I was beginning to fear it may become harsh, but as soon as I let it rest a moment, the pepper began to ease and a deeps richness filled it’s place.

Now that the shop had cleared, the gentlemen running the place made his way over and introduced himself as “Al”. He asked my thoughts on the cigar and I commented on the rough start. He assured me that the full flavor I was now getting would be consistent thru the end.

Al asked me if there was a game I cared to see, but nothing came to mind. We ended up with the Dayton v. Xavier game. But, over the next hour we talked about different cigars and I asked him if he had any suggestions. He relayed some of the favorites of his client base, most of which are from the GM Tech center and TACOM.

I ended up picking up a couple more cigars based upon those suggestions and will feature them in future review. Let’s hope they’re great.

The 1961 was very impressive after the rough start. It burned even without much attention and the draw was a slightly firm.

Some additional coffee notes arose as I sat back and enjoyed this smoke. It did remain smooth and full bodied thru the end.

Though the price would probably keep me looking elsewhere, I did appreciate the blend of this cigar and if given another chance would definitely smoke it again. The best application for this cigar would be on the golf course.

Rating: Three and a Half Stogies