Dunkin’ Donut Coffee


Dunkin’ Donut Coffee
Reviewed: Karl Nagy
When: January 18, 2010, 3:00 PM
Purchased: Dunkin’ Donuts, 1779 Woodruff Road, Greenville, SC, USA
Enjoyed: Home, Simpsonville, SC, USA
Location: Outside on back deck
Cost: $1.69 (less $0.40 due to coffee/donut combo)

The Three Stogies have dubbed January 18-22, 2010 Coffee Week. During these five days we will review coffee selections from some of America’s favorite coffee joints. Tune in to find out what we drink and think.

Due to the MLK day holiday, there was no need for me to be out and about early this morning. I decided that it would be best to conduct today’s coffee review in the afternoon, plus my afternoon palette would a bit more sensitive than in the morning.

Around 3:00pm, I kissed the wife and kids goodbye and headed to the local Dunkin’ Donuts.

The closest Dunkin’ to our home is also the worst run store I’ve ever visited, but nonetheless that is where I went (due to laziness).

I ordered a medium black coffee and an Apple Fritter (I would have rather had something else, but piss poor donut selection handcuffed me) for myself, 10 powdered sugar donut holes for the boys, and a large iced coffee with double cream and two Splenda’s for the wife.

During the drive home, the unmistakable Dunkin’ coffee smell filled the car. I really wanted to take a sip, but knowing that DD pride themselves on having the hottest temperature coffee this side of the sun, I waited until I got home.

Being an ex-Dunkin’ Donut employee for 10+ years, I’ve enjoyed more than a few cups of this brew.

The smell of it is unforgettable.

Once the coffee became drinkable, the taste of it was very pleasurable.

The most important thing with DD coffee is to drink it at the right temperature. If it is too hot, the taste is missed and mouth innards are burned. If too cold, it tastes horrible and smells bad.

When the optimal drinking temp is reached, the coffee produces a somewhat bitter taste.

My coffee was downed in three large gulps.

Damn, that was good.

Although not a cigar review, we will use the Three Stogie rating system for your reference.

Rating: Four Stogies