Dunkin’ Donut Coffee


Dunkin’ Donut Coffee
Reviewed: Dan McKay
When: January 18, 2010, 8:00 AM
Where: Van Dyke, Warren, MI, USA
Misc: 27 degrees
Size: Medium
Cost: $1.49+

The Three Stogies have dubbed January 18-22, 2010 Coffee Week. During these five days we will review coffee selections from some of America’s favorite coffee joints. Tune in to find out what we drink and think.

The alarm clock was ignored this morning and provided me about another hour of sleep. But when I awoke I didn’t feel any more rested than usual. Since it was the first day of Coffee Week, I was eager to get the day started and reap some of the rewards of being a reviewer.

After the normal Monday morning routine I was on my way to work and a stop at the local Dunkin Donuts, the choice for day one’s review.

When I arrived at the local shop the drive thru line was full but I was confident it wouldn’t take long to order and be on my way. Luckily I was right.

My order was simple.

“Medium coffee please”, I said.

I soon received my travel cup and was off to work.

Within minutes I arrived at my office. After unpacking my laptop, firing up my desktop, and getting things in order, I was ready to begin my review.

Upon first inspection the Dunkin Donuts cup and lid is simple but perfectly designed. The cup is insulated to keep its content hot and the lid provided a spout area designed for easy sipping and drinking.

Another great feature is the cap that covers the spout. It can be uncapped and then locked into place on the other side so that it doesn’t affect your drinking pleasure.

When I removed my spout cap, I received my first hints of a rich coffee scent. I then took my first sip and was pleased with a deep coffee flavor without any unwanted acidity and bitterness.

The more I sipped and drank the coffee flavor intensified, which was appreciated. Another thing I appreciated is that the coffee remained warm until the finish.

For the money, it was definitely a solid cup of coffee and one that I will enjoy in the future.

Although not a cigar review, we will use the Three Stogie rating system for your reference.

Rating: Four Stogies