McDonald’s Mocha


McDonald’s Mocha
Reviewed: Dan McKay
Where: Troy, MI, USA
When: Jan 20, 2010, 8:00 AM
Misc.: 27 degrees
Size: Medium
Cost: $3.00+

The Three Stogies have dubbed January 18-22, 2010 Coffee Week. During these five days we will review coffee selections from some of America’s favorite coffee joints. Tune in to find out what we drink and think.

Last year I heard a report about Starbucks sales being down something like 77%, a shocking number. With that I thought, where did all of the drinkers go? Did everyone stop drinking coffee? Nah.

Within a couple of days I’d heard a second story and my question was answered. The story reported that McDonald’s had increased their coffee sales and that they now accounted for roughly 5% of all their sales.

5% may not sound like much, but in McDonald’s terms, it equals billions and certainly can account for some of the impact Starbucks is facing.

At any rate, today we review the new coffee mogul in the country, McDonald’s. Our product of choice is their Mocha.

Since there is about 5 McDonald’s that I pass on my way into work, it certainly is an easy pick up for me. I’ll admit that I regularly stop for a coffee, but have never had one of their mochas.

I stopped at the last McDonald’s closest to my office. I did this to ensure the mocha would remain hot and perfect for a review.

It took about 3 minutes from order to receipt. I like that a lot.

Now in the office at my desk, I took my first sip. The only way to convey what it was like is to say that it was the equivalent of diving off a cherry into a giant chocolate sundae. It was rich and sweet and syrupy. A true dessert fans dream. I only wish the coffee flavor was a bit more intense.

Admittingly, I gulped it down in a short time and enjoyed it.

Another thing I liked about the product is the cups and lids that McDonald’s uses. The cups are insulated and the lid does assist with keeping the contents hot. All of us can appreciate that.

As a whole my experience with the McDonald’s mocha was a pleasant one. The only knock would be that I didn’t feel like I got enough coffee flavors. It literally felt like I drank a warm chocolate shake… not that that is a bad thing.

Would I do it again? Absolutely, but next time it would be as a dessert choice. Way too much sugar me in the morning.

Good job McDonald’s.

Although not a cigar review, we will use the Three Stogie rating system for your reference.

Rating: Three and a Half Stogies