O Guru De Golfe Salvador Swing Review – Steve Lawler

NGAWire® | 14Feb10

Matt “o guru de golfe Salvador” Maser reviews Steve Lawler’s golf swing.

Good ready position to start. Note: the camera wasn’t completely still during the recording.

Halfway Back
Left arm parallel to the ground. Yellow line is the path the club head has traveled. Ideally, it stays between the shaft and shoulder planes. Good job of maintaining the spine angle. Shaft is pointing at the ball which is also good.

With today’s modern teaching, you don’t want the club head to cross the shoulder plane because it requires an equal and opposite compensation move to recover at impact. Steve has a more traditional longer backswing motion and does a great job getting the shaft and club face in a nice square position.

Halfway Down
Left arm parallel to the ground. Steve does a very good job of executing the transition move between top of backswing and start of downswing resulting in the powerful position shown here. The club head has moved back to match the backswing path so the shaft (green line) is intersecting his right bicep. You can see his lower body is active as well. A club head path of this shape and approaching angle (below the shaft plane) into impact is indicative of a “draw”.

Great position to compress the ball against the club face and turf. Left hip is clearing, right elbow in close to the hip, spine angle is maintained. A real efficient use of converting potential energy into kinetic energy.

Post Impact
Although I am not sure how significant this is, I thought this was interesting position of the high arms (blue circle). I am thinking it is a result if the club head path working below the shaft plane during the downswing (slide 5).

Well done, Steve.