Blueprints, Cigar And Skinny Chappy

NGAWire® | 22Feb10
Staff Reporter, Steve Lawler

Sometime early this morning I was going in and out of a golf dream again.

Meeting somewhere in a southern Michigan parking lot, Dan and I were waiting for our ride. Kurncz as usual was the man we were waiting for. After a few minutes of talking with McKay, in drives Kurncz in a white and chrome Rolls Royce. Kurncz gets out along with Chappy. I say to the Cha-man that he looks like he lost some weight. He responds with a monster smile “it’s just 20 pounds Steve, just 20 pounds” Kurncz then opens the trunk and said “Load up”. What’s funny is that the trunk was full of golf course blueprints. I went to get my clubs and noticed McKay only brought cigars to pile in the trunk. When I woke I said to myself McKay has a problem and then laughed.