CJI Percentages

NGAWire® | 24Feb10
Staff Reporter, Dan McKay

I have been thinking about this since Ron told me he flight plans. His flight from Buffalo lands at Metro about 4:40 pm. He then must make his way to our flight to Charlotte, which leaves at 5:15 pm. By my math that equals about 35 minutes. With all of that said, I will place the percentage that Ron’s golf bag makes our flight at about 62.5%.

After seeing Kurt’s travel golf bag and hold wide and stuffed it is, I will place 20% chance that all of our bags will fit in the car top Nagy shell.

I will place a 99.9% chance that CJI players will see someone topless. For all of you, I will do my best to ensure it is not me.

I will place a 26% chance that CJI players will someone bottomless; if Andy is to attend that number climbs to 76%.

I will place a 2% chance that a CJI player will get eaten by an alligator; Ron’s chances are slightly elevated to 4%.

I will place a 13% chance that someone will get food poisoning; although a 70% that the person is Kurt.