My Weekend

NGAWire® | 5Apr10
Staff reporter, Jeff Longeway

Friday was a much anticipated day for my kids as I was finally going to set up the trampoline they got for Christmas. After about 4 hrs of assembly time it was all set and the kids had a blast jumping all afternoon. Saturday morning they were up early and jumping until the the sky turned gray and the rain and wind were on there way. At about 4 pm ( right after the Wings lost in OT) I heard a huge gust of wind. I looked outside just in time to see the trampoline lift off. With the safety net and supports the trampoline began to roll on it’s side though my yard, then my neighbors, then up the hill towards M14. I quickly ran out of my house to chase this thing down but it kept on going. I began to panic as headed over the hill with no stopping in sight. I got to the top of the hill just in time to see it hop the metal wire fence heading out onto the expressway. As it crashed down into the ditch it flipped itself up right about 6 ft from the road. It took 5 people to carry the thing back to my yard. The netting is trashed and tube steel frame broke in two spots and is bent in 3 others. Now I have to take it apart just to throw it away.The yellow line shows the path. It rolled about 450 ft.