Dreaming About TPC

NGAWire® | 13May10

I had a fun dream last night. We were at the 2010 TPC. The rota was Whispering Willows, Idyl Wyld, Maple Lane, Hilltop and Glenhurst. Everyone was playing reto clubs. I only had seven clubs in my bag. They were all Ralph Guldahl clubs. My handicap was adjusted up by 4 strokes, Andy only got 3 but he didn’t care. Kurncz had his old Titleist irons, plus he was chipping with done type of wood shafted club. Andy’s wooden driver was held together electrical tape. The one shot he hit (some hole at Maple) with it was heeled right down the fairway. We all laughed as soon as he hit. I remember someone asking if Longeway was playing his Goldwin’s.