A Horse Named Goetzke

LBGAWire® | 24May10

Kurt and I played in a fun scramble with my brother and his friend this past Saturday at Michigan Meadows. It’s a glorified Maple Lanes. Kurt told me on Wednesday that he played in some work outing and he hit the tee ball better than he ever hit it in his life for the entire round. This was better than the clinic day driving it 300 plus and it was either going to be a good or bad thing for the upcoming scramble. Our first hole was longest drive (of course) on a 500+ yard par 5 (card said 475 but we played blue tees). My brother and I both hit pretty good balls down the right rough. Kurt now was in the anchor spot with no pressure. Well in a typical Goetzke fashion he swings very, very hard and pops it straight up in the air totaling about 10 yards from the tee. He says “I don’t think I have ever done that” and then laughs. We drive to my ball in the right rough and Kurt is still talking about the tee ball. Kurt is batting in the three spot for approaches. He mentions a few times about how he never pops it up and can’t figure it out. He pulls out 3 wood from 250ish and takes another big lash and again it goes straight up in the air and lands 10 yards away again. We all have a good laugh. The shoulders go down and the club is pushed firmly into the bag. I tell him no big deal that “I gotcha pards”. He snaps back with a really quick “I’m done…I got nothing.” I crack up and remind him it’s only the first hole.