New Top Five Cigars

NGAWire® | 4Oct12

Dan McKay, founder

I’ve got a new top 5 (aside from Cuban or $30 Stogies). This is a list any stogie man can do.

1. Padron – 1964 Anniversary Maduro Imperial $15 — Simple perfection.

2. Davidoff – Millennium Robusto $17 — Could smoke 20 in a day and still want more.

3. My Father – Flor da las Antillas Toro $7 — How in the hell is this cigar only 7 dollars? Incredible!

4. Jaime Garcia – Reserva Especial Maduro Robusto $9 — Makes me feel like James Bond… except I’m fat, balding, and I’m a geek.

5. Montecristo – Classic Churchill $11 — Every man should smoke this cigar at least once, then plan to do it again in the future.

I miss We should have sold it for the $600 when we had the chance.