1922 Pinehurst No.3

NGAWire® | 19Mar13

The guys at the Carolina Hickory Golf Association dug up a map of Pinehurst Resort in 1922.

Course No.3, home of the recent 2013 Mountian Valley Hickory Open, has undergone major changes since that time. Eight of the 1922 holes are now part of Course No.5; seven of its current holes did not exsist.

The hole by hole differences include:

Hole 1 – It was the 1st hole of Course No.1
Hole 2 – It was the old 1st hole, however went the opposite direction
Hole 3 – It has the old 10th hole
Hole 4 – It was the old 11th hole
Hole 5 – It was the old 12th hole
Hole 6 – It was the old 13th hole
Hole 7 – It was the old 14th hole
Hole 8 – It was the old 15th hole
Hole 9 – Did not exsist
Hole 10 – Did not exsist
Hole 11 – Did not exsist
Hole 12 – Did not exsist
Hole 13 – Did not exsist
Hole 14 – It was the old 16th hole
Hole 15 – It was the old 17th hole
Hole 16 – Did not exsist
Hole 17 – Did not exsist
Hole 18 – It was the old 18th hole, however tee box was father to the left