The Doughnut Vault

NGAWire® | 4Apr13

NGA’s own Andy Kurncz and Cormick Raden (and families) are visiting Chicago this week for spring break.

Upon the urging of Kurncz (who visited there yesterday), the Raden family stopped by the famous Doughnut Vault for breakfast.

Below is the delicious Google group e-mail string that ensued:

Raden (8:26am) – Will we make it?
Kurncz (8:27am) – God speed Raden’s.
Raden (8:28am) – The kids are freaking out.
Kurncz (8:37am) – Inside yet?
Raden (8:41am) – Mission accomplished.
Raden (8:52am) – Wow. A big thanks to the Kurncz family. Best 40 bucks for 14 doughnuts ever.
Kurncz (9:01am) – Well done. Enjoy.
Kurncz (9:01am) – Your welcome. $40 is cheap in Chicago dollars.
Raden (9:05am) – Yes it is. Well worth it though. Thanks again. Here are the remains.
Kurncz (9:06am) – You guys went to town.