Welcome To Gateway

LGAWire® | 9Jul13
DATELINE – Romulus, MI

After landing 150 minutes late to DTW, I got the text from JAK. It said, “Gateway 2:30”. My iPhone told me it was 1:28pm, so I had to move it. Luckily the grounds crew was very attentive, and I got off the plane in no time. A few quick flicks on my phone and I read positive reviews on this new “Gateway” golf course.

A quick jaunt through the baggage check, a lonely ride on the Hertz rental bus, and I found myself in my Texas-plated 2010 Nissan. A quick 10 minute drive up Merriman Road and I will be at this magical new “Gateway” course.

Following my trusty Google maps, I soon found myself turning into the “Fairways at Gateway” subdivision. Should be some nice houses here.

My first shred of doubt then hit me. Narrow streets, plain landscaping and mid-to-late 90’s cars in the driveway. Would these kinds of houses be at this elite “Gateway” golf course?

I saw JAK taking his clubs out of his Dodge minivan, and I knew a good match was in store. He looked game, the clubs were sparkling clean, and he had a crisp new glove on.

“Uh Oh.” I thought.

We finished our pleasantries and went into the double-wide clubhouse. JAK had a 2-fer coupon, so the bill was $14 each for a 9 hole match with cart.

After JAK had his drivers license scanned in for the cart, and buying 4 beers in a bag of ice, it was off to the cart.

The starter then said something strange. “Be sure to check your cart for damage, I don’t want to charge you guys after the round.” When asking why this is necessary he added, “We had some guys playing chicken out here the other day, banged up the whole front fender. Another guy put his club right through the windshield.”

After assuring him that we would not do such things, he let us go to the first, but not without adding, “the course is in great shape.”

We settled on the men’s tees and off we went. After waiting 5 minutes for a daughter-dad twosome ahead, we decided to skip to hole 2.

Some observations about the course:

1) Cart path only sucks
2) Bunkers had more water/grass in them than sand
3) Short
4) Wet
5) Cattails-esque

Some observations about the houses:

1) Random
2) Scary
3) Rear-sliding glass doors that were 3 feet above ground with no deck or steps to walk out

When waiting to hit our tee shots on the 138 yard 8th hole, Joe Ranger came around the curve and asked how our round was going. We both said good, and he again mentioned how great the course looked. We agreed (snicker) and then he mentioned something strange.

“You know, last year we lost the 10th green. Someone stole it.”

“Excuse me?”

“Yea, someone stole the sod and used it for their yard.”

After finishing that hole, me posing for a pic under the “Bay Hill/Doral” street sign (both of which I have played), we finished the nine.

After a quick 9 hole match of “make its” on the putting green, the match was deemed a draw.

92 degrees + 4 beers + 2 stogies + 9 holes equaled a good day.

Cheers to you “Gateway”! May you always be the green gem of Romulus, MI.