Champion Homecoming

LGAWire® | 10Jul13
DATELINE – Huntington Woods, MI

Fresh off of presenting exciting dip plans to the Eastern Region, Lemm went north to Rackham GC. He won the Detroit Amateur there 3 out of 4 years from 1992-1995. He was looking to relive some of those happy times.

He was surprised at the lack of cars in the lot – arriving at 12:45. When he got to the clubhouse he found out why.

“No carts allowed on the course today,” said the heavy-set mid-20s female pro shop attendant. She said that they’d let him rent a pull cart for free – classy touch.

He said sure, laid down the MasterCard, got his handle from the attendant and $28 later he’s out the door.

Course was in great shape. Lots of puddles in the fairway, but still great shape.

Lemm loved reliving the course – pins were extremely tough – but fun nonetheless.

Three putts be damned, he still loved cruising around Rackham in 2:45 as a single – not having to wait for a shot.

It’s a great course – and he hopes to be back soon.

Then he went to MGM (thanks JAK) and won a few bucks after beers playing video poker.

The night awaits for Lemm.