Lesson Learned

NGAWire® | 1Aug13

Today Kurt Goetzke learned a lesson.

Kurt and his pal @#$%^ enjoyed a beautiful day of golf at Grande GC in Jackson, MI.

As usual, a little wager was placed on the round. The normal $5 bet, plus birdies, eagles, sandies, etc… for $1 each.

Although both players played well, Kurt putted and scored better than @#$%^ and beat him 74 to 83. He also collected two birdies and a sand save for a nice $8 payout.

A nice win total for the day, but a bit more would be even nicer.

Kurt and @#$%^ headed to the practice green for 9 holes of Make It. As the name of the game implies, the only goal is to make your putt.

The first five holes were tied with all misses, then four makes tied holes 6 and 7. @#$%^ took a 1up lead on 8 when Kurt couldn’t match his make.

Choosing wisely on 9, Kurt picked a makable five footer in hope of a make miss situation. As planned, he made his putt. Unfortunately, so did @#$%^.

Kurt’s winnings went from $8 to $3.

Although plus for day, he wasn’t satisfied with that paltry amount. Another bet was proposed.

The putting green had one of those tiny 2 inch practice holes in it. Only putts with perfect speed and line fall in.

The guys decide hit 15-20 footers, with the first guy to make collecting $20.

Both Kurt and @#$%^ hit a number of good putts, but none fell. After about 10 putts, it was nearing time to leave.

One last hole was declared.

Kurt went first and hit a dilly of a putt, but it did not drop.

@#$%^ lined up the last attempt. He stroked it pure and sound, great weight and line.

It tracked right for the cup.


“Mother@#$%^er!” exclaimed a downtrodden Kurt.

He headed home down $17 and very sad.

Lesson learned.