McKay Investigated, Cleared of Charges

NGAWire® | 20Aug13

A few weeks ago the NGA released its latest TPC Hall of Fame points standings.

Little did anyone realize the wave of controversy that was about to ensue.

Atop the list was the only current HoF member and 2011 inductee Steve Lawler (45 points).

Players closing in on the 40 point barrier and in hope of induction this year include Karl Nagy (37), Coree Raden (36) and Kurt Goetzke (35).

However, the name that caused controversy among NGA members was a player in T-17th place with 4 points, Dan McKay.

A long way from the Hall of Fame, McKay’s point total was questioned by more than one member.

Statements such as “How the heck does Capo have any points?” and “That total is complete horse crap!” were levied to the NGA complaint hotline.

In review, the NGA did in fact find that McKay had accumulated 3 points in 2005 and 1 point in 2007.

Most everyone had forgotten about McKay’s 3rd place triumph in 2005.

Maybe because he finished 27 strokes behind winner Lawler, or simply because it was overshadowed by the Jimmerson Boys, no one can be sure.

Although the reason for the protest was justified, it was unfounded.

McKay is free of all charges, and we wish him luck at TPC in Louisville next month.

ADDENDUM 16Sep13 – Based on McKay’s current HoF points accumulation, he is projected to reach the HoF in 2120.