Lemmon’s Not Sour on Augusta National

LGAWire® | 7Apr14

After a fun weekend of great weather, good golf courses, plenty of beer and SEC coeds (Go Cocks!), Masters Monday had arrive.

An early 5am call started the day. After the 3 S’s and checking out, we ventured out to I-20 at 6am. 55 quick minutes later, we arrived at our exit.

A line of cars greeted us. After 10 minutes of slow ‘n go, “we need tickets” signs, Hooters with Daly’s bus parked outside, we ventured into the free parking lot.

We got out and was accosted by $5 ticket holders (lanyard with plastic sleeve fir badge).

Security was tight. Bro had to throw away his phone charger at the gate. After that, we ventured down to the golf shop.

To my demise, there was no clearance rack, so I payed full fare. Combined the Lemmon boys spent $1,300 on crap, but all in good fun.

After we checked our goodies, off to the course.

We walked out and hung a right. The plan was to walk the whole course before the rain came at 1pm. As we walked down 2, we noticed a concessions sign. 3 beers and chicken biscuits later, we were adequately satiated for the walk ahead.

First impressions of the course:

1) Stunning
2) Green
3) Firm

We walked the whole front nine. As we were walking to 10, the alarm went off telling the patrons to leave the course. Well, we had not seen Amen Corner yet so we walked quickly over there.

Wow. Amen Corner was bigger and better than I have imagined. Not many people in that part of the course made it that much sweeter.

Boom! Boom! Thunder rolls.

Picked up my checked gifts, then off to Richmond.

It was an awesome experience!