Funny Sonny

NGAWire® | 6Jun14

Today was the last day of school for Evan and Owen.

Each of their classes had a celebration, with parents and grandparents in attendance.

Evan’s class created a book titled 2014 Dragonflies Ten Way to Have a Better Life.

His top ten ways to do this are:

1. If a parent says not to worry then you know to start worrying.
2. If someone tells you not to go somewhere, it means there is something they don’t want you to see.
3. Calm yourself when in a scary or pressure situation.
4. When an adult tells you not to touch something, it is something that is important.
5. People tell you that something is gone means that it is lost or dead.
6. Some things your parents tell you are the truth and others are lies.
7. When people tell you to get to it, it means that you better start now.
8. When something is scary, if you can, make others do it first.
9. Don’t tell your parents what you like most because they will use it against you.
10. When a parent asks you if you want something extra, it is extra work!